Is a Self Managed Super Fund right for you? Contact us to find out more

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are the fastest growing in the Australian superannuation industry.  A Self Managed Superannuation Fund gives you greater control over how your superannuation is invested, enabling you to direct your retirement. At WealthPartners we specialise in providing dedicated SMSF advice.  Whether you have an existing SMSF or would like to establish […]

Would you survive a relationship breakdown financially? Protect yourself

There are no easy times when a relationship breaks down. One of the greatest effects that compound an already emotional and stressful time are the financial issues that surface during and post relationship and marriage breakdowns. Advice, understanding and support make a difference & WP is here with experienced advisers who are experts in this […]

We can help you grow your business…contact us

The continuing ‘health and wealth’ of your business is our goal. In the course of working with business clients there are some issues that keep recurring. These are: Succession – when is it time to exit your business and who will buy it? Key people – who is the key person or people in your […]

Is your debt creating long term wealth? Put your debt to work!

DEBT IS NOT A DIRTY WORD ‘Bad Debt, Good Debt, Smart Debt’ Getting rid of ‘bad debt’ and getting into ‘smart debt’ can help you achieve financial freedom!  We have been conditioned to think of debt in terms of being negative. However, if structured correctly debt can be used to effectively create wealth, and enhance […]

Are you on track to reach financial independence? Find out how

How do you define financial independence? Being in control Being financially self reliant Understanding – having a clear picture of the future Confidence and peace of mind The journey to financial independence: Where are you now? What do you need? When will you get there? How does WP help? Strategic direction Quality expert advice Dynamic […]

Moving Overseas, or to Australia? We can help

Research has shown that moving house is one of the most stressful life events, after death of a loved one, illness or divorce.  The unknown of actually moving overseas can create a whole new level of stress….but it does not need to! Along with the regular chores associated with moving house, including selling, packing, storage, […]

Born before 1954? We need to talk………

There are definitely some benefits to getting older! You may be in a position to take advantage of some taxation rules that could assist you make some profitable lifestyle changes prior to retiring from work. Come and have a chat about how WP may be able to help you: Swap your pay for more tax […]

Looking for a fresh approach to your finances – talk to WealthPartners

Get a second opinion on your investment portfolio and what you want to achieve from our investment specialist. Let our debt and lending specialist help you determine whether any debt you may have is working for you or against you. Ensure you are effectively protecting your family from financial stress by reviewing your families risk […]