Is the housing market signalling an alarm bell? Analysis on Mortgage Delinquencies

The Australian housing has become volatile over the past months and according to the researchers at UBS, it could potentially crash if the RBA rates raises too much or too quickly. Now, a crash on the property market may sound only as a warning for property investors and not for home buyers looking for a […]

Q. Securing an affordable and comfortable Aged Care facility for your elderly loved one’s needs

Q. My father is 86 and a widower, he recently had a fall and cannot care for himself. He needs to make the move to an Aged Care facility. The cost of various facilities varies markedly, our preferred option has a deposit of $500,000 and care fees of around $26,000 a year. My dad has […]

Q. When will a sale of a share of stock trigger a Capital Gains Tax (CGT)?

Q.  My mum passed away recently. Mum and dad purchased some Australian shares prior to September 1985. My dad died in 2002. I don’t have a copy of his will but I believe they owned them jointly, and when he died my mum was the beneficiary. She sold her shares last year and sadly passed later that year. The accountant […]

Q. Is it worth to put our coin collection into our Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?

Q. My wife has built a really impressive coin collection in the recent year and the idea has always been to build further and put the collection into our Self-Managed Super fund (SMSF). I believe the rules have become very severe in this area and it may not be worth it, what do you think? […]

Q. Super vs. Insurance Bonds: is it time to change your retirement vehicle?

Q. My wife and I have used Superannuation as our primary savings vehicle for Retirement. Due to the value of our accumulated Superannuation, apart from Employer contributions, we cannot put any more into Super. Should I consider Insurance Bonds? A. From 1 July 2017, individuals who have in excess of $1,600,000 in Superannuation are ineligible […]

Q. How does the First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS) work and how to take advantage of the incentive?

Q.  My partner and I are saving to buy our first home in the next few years.  Can you please explain how the First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS) announced in the 2017 Federal Budget will work and what we need to do to take advantage of the incentive? From 1 July 2018, first home […]

Q. Important changes to tax treatment of personal superannuation contributions

Q. I am employed full time and receive Employer Superannuation support.  In addition, I make personal contributions to my super.  I have previously been told that I cannot claim a tax deduction for these contributions.  I read recently that this may have changed.  Has there been a change in the rules and what are the […]

Q. What is the process of contributing funds into our super through ‘Superannuation Downsizer Contributions”?

Q. My wife and I are looking to downsize the family home and move into a smaller property.  We believe we can put some of the proceeds of the property sale into Super.  However, we are in our 70s and haven’t worked for years.  What is the process of investing these funds into Superannuation? A.  […]

What is the difference between owning insurance inside and outside of Superannuation?

Q . I have read that I should always hold my life insurance inside Superannuation.  Why is this and what is the difference between owning insurance inside and outside of Super? I have Death and Total Permanent Disability insurance provided by my Employer via my Superannuation fund.  I am 38 single with no kids.  On […]

Q. What is Bitcoin and how exactly does it work?

Q. Can you please explain what Bitcoin is and how it works? Is this something that I can invest in or should consider? A. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency. Created in 2009, it is the first example of a category of money or store of value referred to as Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are a US$112 […]