Wealth & Health – final edition 2015

Welcome to our final ‘Wealth & Health’ for 2015. In this edition of our newsletter we introduce you to Gina Neoh from NeoChats, one of our strategic business partners who is working with us to assist clients in property investment decisions. We also feature an article which looks at the unfortunate circumstances where your adult […]

Wealth & Health – Spring 2015

Welcome to the ‘Wealth & Health’. In this edition of our Newsletter we are very pleased to introduce you to some of the new faces at WealthPartners.  James O’Dwyer and Andrew Squires give you an insight into their experience and new role at WealthPartners. We are currently enjoying historically low interest rates, but can it […]

Wealth & Health – Winter 2015

Welcome to the Winter Edition of Wealth & Health It is once again time to prepare for end of financial year. With this in mind, we have included some key hints and tips from our team to ensure you are maximising any opportunities that may be available to you, including an article on how you can give to charity […]

Australian Home Prices & Interest Rates – Oliver’s Insights

In a recent edition of Oliver’s Insights, published in April, Dr Shane Oliver discusses why the case for the RBA cutting interest rates this year has been fairly clear.  He also addresses the following key points: A housing recovery has been a necessary aspect of rebalancing the economy through the mining bust. While Australian property prices […]

Where are we in the Investment Cycle – Oliver’s Insights

In an edition of Oliver’s Insights published in April, Dr Shane Oliver gave his view on where we are in the investment cycle. Key points of the article included: While corrections are inevitable, we still appear to be a long way from the peak in the investment cycle. Shares are not unambiguously overvalued and on some […]

What is risk in investing – Oliver’s Insights

In an recent edition of Oliver’s Insights, Dr Shane Oliver discussed risk and what it really means in relation to investment.  He basically says that risk can mean different things – volatility, the risk of capital loss, the risk of not having enough income from your investment and the risk of not having enough in retirement. […]

Wealth & Health – Autumn 2015

Welcome to the First edition of Wealth & Health for 2015. With interest rates at historically low rates equity has become a very powerful tool in building future wealth through investments. Our article ‘The Power of Equity’ demonstrates how you can unlock your equity and what considerations you should make before doing so. CLICK HERE […]

Raising kids is a long journey, like some help?

Being a parent is the most important and rewarding role you’ll ever play in your life.While the hours are long and the pay is poor, the satisfaction is enormous. But, whether it’s learning the piano, early morning swimming lessons or ballet classes the reality is, as your kids grow, the costs could rise with them! […]

Wealth & Health – Spring 2014

Welcome to the Spring edition of Wealth & Health for 2014. Having a family is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Raising kids requires a great deal of love, patience, a good sense of humour and of course a healthy bank balance.  In this edition, we have included an article on how to prepare for the […]

Wealth & Health – Winter 2014

Welcome to the Winter edition of Wealth & Health for 2014. As we embark on another financial year, we want to emphasise the importance of planning ahead. With this in mind, our article below looks at the implications of this year’s budget announcement, and includes insights from Andrew Heaven and Bill Rainger as to how you can maximise opportunities […]