Debt & Lending

For our unique approach to Debt & Lending please view our Debt & Lending Philosophy Document by clicking HERE or on the image below:

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Debt and Cash/Term Deposit Advice

“the best investment you can make, is to pay off your home loan as fast as possible”

The philosophy of WealthPartners Debt & Lending solutions is simple. We act with integrity, offer the most suitable mortgage products for our client’s needs and create opportunities through strategic advice.

Our clients experience peace of mind, knowing that their mortgage solution is designed around their individual residential or commercial situation.

At WealthPartners, we provide holistic advice and service on a client’s whole banking needs, from home, investment and SMSF loans to cash and term deposit accounts thus ensuring clients are debt free before retirement.

Did you know….

  • 83% of retirees own their own home at retirement
  • 55% of retirees are using super funds to pay out their debt at retirement
  • In the 1990’s 30% ofa families cash flow was being used to make the required home loan repayments, now it is closer to 50%
  • You will pay as much interest as principal over the 30 year life of a home loan, i.e. if your home loan principal is $500,000, you will also pay a further $500,000 in interest over the 30 year life of a home loan

Who is it for:

  • First Home Buyers
  • Clients looking to refinance their loans for better interest rates, features, and benefits
  • Clients looking for better advice and service from their mortgage broker and lender
  • Property Investors
  • SMSF Investors
  • Small business owners
  • Clients looking for cash, term deposits and fixed interest advice will be across all these ranges and more

The WealthPartners Offering:

We source mortgages and cash products from 15 different lenders/institutions and advise our clients on the most appropriate option based on interest rates and features and benefits of the respective lender.  Leveraging on our existing relationships with lenders and institutions, we often have the ability to place our clients applications at the top of the queue.  Our relationships with lenders also make it possible for us to source approval for loans that are outside of a lenders or reinsurers  policy.

We also:

  • Advise on how to pay off your home loan/non deductible debt as fast as possible
  • Advise on the best way for the client to structure their debt i.e. split off deductible vs. non deductible debt, allow redraw for future property purchases without, having to get finance approved again, and advise on other debt needs such as car purchases or renovation requirements
  • Advise on debt recycling strategies
  • Advise of the best features and benefits of a loan, suited for the clients, such as the need for offset accounts, redraw, credit cards points with rewards programs etc.
  • Advise on the effect on a clients cash flow of the new investment loan and the tax consequences in Australia
  • Advise and implement the optimum structures required for the client, i.e. holding the investment in the clients own name vs. a family trust vs. a unit trust, vs. a SMSF
  • Advise and implement on any necessary insurance requires, such as Life, TPD and income protection
  • Advise and arrange funding for commercial property for SMSFs or for your business

Why WealthPartners?:

We are your personal/private advisers. You do not need to ever contact the bank again as we are your point of contact.  We handle all your advice and servicing requests and are available 5 days per week.  You will benefit from one point of contact for all your banking needs from loans, cash accounts, term deposits to advising on how these are structured between your individual, company and superannuation environments.  Our Partners and General Manager are backed by a strong team of administration and technical advice staff all with over 30 years experience in Financial Services.

We are not aligned to any particular product provider, all recommendations are based on the product that best fits what our clients want to do.


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