To find out more about WealthPartners’ unique approach to Investing, please view our Investing Philosophy document by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Ivestment Philosophy


WealthPartners’ investment specialists construct  portfolios to match clients’ objectives and outcomes.

We move away from the stock standard investment managers and add a level of flexibility so that portfolios have downside protection mechanisms but also quality managers that can take advantage of the upside in markets.

We believe in ‘Risk adjusted Return’ not ‘Risky Return’.

Investments are all about being paid enough to take risks, and sometimes investors accept risk for a much smaller payoff.

Who is it for:

  • People who want a second opinion on their investments
  • Wealth accumulators who wish to start on sound footing
  • Retirement clients who wish to have an income skew to their portfolio with a high level of capital preservation

Why WealthPartners?:

  • Quality Information – We position our portfolio’s with a 12 – 18 month FORWARD looking view, not a performance based backward looking perspective.
  • Networks – We have very close relationships with the fund managers we support and they are very transparent with information
  • Internal Investment Process:
    • Meeting Fund managers at least every quarter
    • Investment Committee Meetings every quarter to assess performance, alignment and changes to the model portfolio’s
    • Attend exclusive briefings and conferences (Portfolio Construction Academy, Van eyk conferences, Money Management Think Tanks) to make sure we are always challenged in our thinking to portfolio positioning
  • Personalised investment advice – Tailoring our advice after understanding your tolerance to risk