SMSF and Retirement

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are the fastest growing sector of the Australian superannuation industry. An increasing number of those planning for their retirement are requesting ‘do-it yourself’ or ‘self-managed’ funds. In that case it’s very important to understand whether this type of fund is really the best solution for  their needs.

An SMSF may be a wonderful opportunity to grow your wealth, manage your taxation and maintain control of your very important plan for retirement. As always, there is a flip side which needs to be considered as SMSFs can be very expensive to manage and also very time consuming. Self-managed superannuation is also highly regulated and the consequences of poor judgement can be significant.

Why WealthPartners?

WealthPartners has dedicated expertise and the capability to help you determine if a SMSF is the right choice for your retirement investments. We can help you to think through all the issues that need to be considered in taking on a SMSF. We understand what is involved and can provide advice on strategies that will maximise the value of a self managed fund if that is the best investment vehicle for you.


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