Q. Super vs. Insurance Bonds: is it time to change your retirement vehicle?

Q. My wife and I have used Superannuation as our primary savings vehicle for Retirement. Due to the value of our accumulated Superannuation, apart from Employer contributions, we cannot put any more into Super. Should I consider Insurance Bonds? A. From 1 July 2017, individuals who have in excess of $1,600,000 in Superannuation are ineligible […]

Thinking of investing on past performance?

Q.  I am considering reallocating my super investment funds with an increase in fixed interest. At present, the allocation is 25% diversified fixed interest, 25% Australian fixed interest and 50% cash, with an average return of about 7.8% over 2010-11. Changing the mix to an even 33% would yield a return of about 9.2%, if […]