Q. When will a sale of a share of stock trigger a Capital Gains Tax (CGT)?

Q.  My mum passed away recently. Mum and dad purchased some Australian shares prior to September 1985. My dad died in 2002. I don’t have a copy of his will but I believe they owned them jointly, and when he died my mum was the beneficiary. She sold her shares last year and sadly passed later that year. The accountant […]

Have a Will and peace of mind: So what’s next?

Q: I recently updated my Will and other important legal documents. However it made me realise my financial affairs are complicated, and as my Power of Attorney, or Executors of my estate, my children may struggle to understand my whole situation. What can I do to make it easier for them? A: This is a […]

Acting for your spouse: What are you rights legally?

Q: My wife and I need to update our Wills, but we don’t see the need to legally or formally grant each other the power to act as each other’s Powers of Attorney. Our parents never did it and they successfully overcame any barrier.  Should I be concerned about this?  A: Many of our clients […]

Who should be providing my Estate Planning advice?

Q: My accountant has been the sole provider of advice for my personal and business affairs over many years. My estate plan needs updating and he referred me to a financial adviser to advise, facilitate and guide me through the process in conjunction with a solicitor. Shouldn’t my accountant do this for me or should […]

Facing fears, addressing complexity and managing costs

Q: I am having trouble convincing my husband to complete a Will. I cannot unearth his concerns or fears, let alone the real reason why he won’t take action. Do you have any insights and can you make some suggestions? A: The concerns and fears held by your husband are common and are shared by […]