Q. Super vs. Insurance Bonds: is it time to change your retirement vehicle?

Q. My wife and I have used Superannuation as our primary savings vehicle for Retirement. Due to the value of our accumulated Superannuation, apart from Employer contributions, we cannot put any more into Super. Should I consider Insurance Bonds? A. From 1 July 2017, individuals who have in excess of $1,600,000 in Superannuation are ineligible […]

What is the difference between owning insurance inside and outside of Superannuation?

Q . I have read that I should always hold my life insurance inside Superannuation.  Why is this and what is the difference between owning insurance inside and outside of Super? I have Death and Total Permanent Disability insurance provided by my Employer via my Superannuation fund.  I am 38 single with no kids.  On […]

Managing your Insurance within Superannuation

As a member of a Superannuation fund most likely you will have an insurance benefit included in the fund. But do you know how much you are covered for? How much is it costing you or your fund? Speaking generally, almost all employer sponsored superannuation funds have at least some level of “automatic” insurance cover. […]

LOST $16Billion Reward Offered

1 in 2 Australians who have been or are in employment have “lost” super and the dollar amount of that pool of money exceed $16 Billion. So what exactly is “lost” super? The superannuation industry considers a superannuation account “lost” when a contribution or rollover has not been made to the account for at least […]

Does your life insurance policy still meet your needs?

Q. I own an Asteron Term Life insurance policy on my wife. She is 50, I am 64. Our children are independent.  The policy has no surrender value and would presently pay about $600K on my wife’s demise. It was taken out in Sept 1993 for reasons that prevailed at the time. We own our […]