Is the housing market signalling an alarm bell? Analysis on Mortgage Delinquencies

The Australian housing has become volatile over the past months and according to the researchers at UBS, it could potentially crash if the RBA rates raises too much or too quickly. Now, a crash on the property market may sound only as a warning for property investors and not for home buyers looking for a […]

Q. Super vs. Insurance Bonds: is it time to change your retirement vehicle?

Q. My wife and I have used Superannuation as our primary savings vehicle for Retirement. Due to the value of our accumulated Superannuation, apart from Employer contributions, we cannot put any more into Super. Should I consider Insurance Bonds? A. From 1 July 2017, individuals who have in excess of $1,600,000 in Superannuation are ineligible […]

Q. What’s the difference between Active Portfolio Management and Passive Portfolio Management?

Q. I am considering investing into shares either through Managed Funds or Exchange Traded Funds.  Can you please explain the difference between active portfolio management and passive portfolio management?  There appears to be a huge difference in costs for each approach to investing into these funds. A.  Active portfolio management focuses on outperforming the market compared to a […]

Investing a lump sum windfall for pre retirees, be wary of Super contribution caps

Q I am retired aged 67 with a UK pension and a pension from my Australian super fund. I earn $7000 per year in a part time job. My wife is 56 earning $100000 per year. She salary sacrifices $30,000 per year into super.  She is looking to retire or go part  time in 6-7years. We […]

A reduction in Deeming Rates – what does it mean for pensioners?

In November 2013, the Deeming Rate on investment income was reduced from 2.5% to 2% for investments totaling $46,000 for a single pensioner and $77,400 for a pensioner couple.  The Deeming Rate is used as a guide to determine how much of the total investment income is assessable when calculating Pension and Allowance payments. These […]

Losing money in Superannuation?

Making the right investment choice Is your investment choice costing you money or is it the best choice you have ever made? Have you made a choice? The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) which landed on our doorstep in 2008 suddenly and radically had immediate implications for superannuation investors. I remember hearing much of it in […]

What are the Age Pension consequences of mum selling her house and moving in with my family?

Q. My mum is single and due to retire next year. She currently has less than $30,000.00 in superannuation. She owns her own house outright (worth about $400,000). Ideally I would like her to live with me and we sell her house. Is there any way that we can sell her house without it affecting […]

What to do to replace income with falling term deposit rates.

Q. I have Self Managed Super Fund and in the past 3 years the majority of the funds have been in a high interest Savings Account and Term Deposits.  Some of my Term Deposits are coming up to maturity.  The available rates on reinvestment are about two thirds of what I was previously able to […]

What happens when you move into your investment property?

Q. I will be selling my marital home soon and plan on moving in to my investment property I have rented out for the last 3 years, interest only and negative gearing against my other income. I read that if I move in to my previously rented property and live there for at least 2 […]

Should you leave your Super in accumulation or pension mode if income not required in retirement?

Q. I am 67 and a self-funded retiree.  I have left a substantial amount in an accumulation account because, at present, I can manage on my other superannuation pension. I realise that 15% tax on earnings is made in the accumulation account. My plan was to avoid making the annual minimum draw -down in order […]