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WealthPartners offer a complete range of specialist financial services in one place. Our advisers work with clients in all stages of life and with different needs and goals.

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Andrew and his team had come highly recommended from within his industry, and his very professional approach, attention to detail, first class technical knowledge and helpful, well-mannered team have not let us down. I can always get hold of Andrew when I need to and have never had to wait more than a few hours for a return phone call.

Roger Sleeman – April 2015

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What our clients say about us

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I am 49, married with 2 children and was retrenched 8 months ago. Can I access my superannuation to support my family’s living expenses?

Q: I was retrenched 8 months ago and have used up my redundancy payment to fund mortgage and living expenses.  I am 49, married with 2 children, can I access my superannuation?  Whilst my mortgage is up to date, my redraw is starting to … Read more

Q. I am 73 and retired, should I participate in the Telstra Buy-Back? If so, at what discount?

Q. Should I participate in the Telstra buy- back? I am 73 and retired. All my income is generated from my Allocated Pension plus a small amount in share dividends. I own 1000 Telstra shares in my own name. Should I sell them on market or participate … Read more

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